Products-Immersion belt blancher BTNC-1,5/3


The blancher is used for heat treatment processing of vegetables (excluding leaf ones) and mushrooms before their freezing or preparation of preserves from them.


A raw material is evenly spread on the belt. Spreading is provided with thewater used in the first section.Blanching occurs as a result of hot water spraying and the appropriately selected belt speed, followed bycooling of theraw materialby sprayinghot and cold water. Wateris fedto theshowers by pumps and cascade directed to the respective pump supply tank.

The control system enables the process parameters (water temperature, blanching and cooling time, water consumption etc.) to be selected and monitored.

Hot water for blanching process is preparedin mixer tank, by combination of steamand cold water.Water temperatureisregulated by aproportional valvecontrolledby an electric motor.Temperature of the productafter coolingdepends on thetemperature ofthe coolant.

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