Products-Immersion belt blancher BTZC-1500


Immersion belt blancher BTZC-1500


The machine is designed to blanch mushrooms in the production process. The machine is characterized by high blanching capacity and relatively low water consumption.


The machine consists of two parts – blanching and cooling one. Raw material is supplied to the charging hopper of the machine blanching part. The two conveyor system transports raw material during the process and ensures its complete immersion in water at the same time. Blanching occurs as a result of the raw material staying in hot water and the appropriately selected belt speed. After blanching, the raw material is cooled in the machine cooling part. Water in the machine is heated by steam supplied to the steam manifold in the blanching part. To maintain the optimum run of the blanching and cooling process, the machine is equipped with the water mixing pumps.

The control system enables the optimum process parameters (water temperature, blanching and cooling time etc...) to be selected.


Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.