Products-Courgette Slicer CDC - 3


Courgette Slicer CDC - 3


The unit is used for slicing courgettes and similar vegetable into quarters. The variety of knife assemblies allows other products to be sliced in a similar fashion.


The product is fed either manually or mechanically into the Feed-in vibrating chute. It is then divided into three rows and passed on to the conveyor. This conveyor has built-in slots where the product is correctly configured. At the end of each of the three “paths” the product is picked and placed in a working space maintaining its direction. Here, the courgettes are fed into the funnel chute and placed in the slicing unit where rotary knives slice them producing evenly proportional quarters. The sliced product drops on to a conveyor and is passed along for further processing.

It is strongly advised that the product is thoroughly washed prior to entering the slicing unit because all residues of earth and sand will affect longevity of the knives.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.