Products-Vibratory glazer GW-1,0/1,8


Vibratory glazer GW-1,0/1,8


The machine is used in the fruit and vegetables processing plants to strengthen such products as broccoli and cauliflower before the calibration process. An additional result of this machine operation can be improvement in appearance of the processed products, as well as increase in their weight.


The machine is made in the form of the open vibratory chute with three replaceable screens installed. The first screen is where the product is evenly spread and also broken pieces are collected. On further two screens, the product is subjected to water mist sprayed from the nozzle system. This zone is enclosed with the Plexiglas casing. The use of the cascade screen arrangement ensures even glazing result. The screen fixing system used, located outside the product transport zone, ensures their very fast replacement to match the screen slot width to the product processed. The vibratory chute is mounted on the supporting structure by using the Rosta spring suspension. Two vibratory motors with linear operating characteristics are used as the drive.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.