Products-Drum calibrator KB-0,8/3,0


Drum calibrator KB-0,8/3,0


The drum calibrator, depending on its version, is designed to sort frozen fruit and vegetables according to the diameter size. It can be used for fresh or frozen mushrooms e.g. champignons. The diameter size depends on the mesh size of the sieves installed in the machine.


The product to be sorted is fed to the machine infeed chute by the tray elevator (not included in this offer). From the infeed chute, the product gets onto the rotary drum, where the sieves are installed. The sieves are arranged in such a way that the calibration is carried out from the smallest to the largest mesh size. After getting into the sieve mesh, the raw material falls into the discharge chutes and then it is fed into the containers or onto the collection conveyors (not included in this offer). The machine calibration performance adjustment is done by changing the rotation speed and its operation angle.

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