Products-Vegetable roller calibrator KRU-1000


Vegetable roller calibrator KRU-1000


The slotted and roller calibrator is designed to sort fruit and vegetables according to their size (in particular carrot, parsley etc.). After setting the moveable roller guide at the appropriate height, the calibration range is obtained within the available limits of the technical characteristics.


The calibration slot size is set by changing the distance of the top roller guide in relation to the lower chain with rollers. The calibrator sorts according to the lowest product size. By using the roller guide, the appropriate slots between the rollers must be set. The raw material must be fed evenly to the infeed chute and the rollers transport it along the machine to the location, where the material matching the appropriate slot falls into the discharge chute.

The machine can be equipped with three conveyors collecting individual raw material sizes. The product, whose size exceeds the maximum dimension set in the last section, is directed to the container.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.