Products-Cherries roller calibrator KRW-800


Cherries roller calibrator KRW-800


The machine is designed to sort cherries according to their diameter size. It can also be used for other similar raw materials such as mirabelle plums, plums etc.


The calibration slot size is set by changing the distance of the bottom roller guide in relation to the top chain with rollers.The calibrator sorts according to the lowest product size. The raw material is fed manually or by the tray conveyor to the machine infeed chute. In its first part, there is the brush to adjust a layer of the raw material fed. The product so prepared falls on the calibrator rollers that move it along the machine. In location, where the raw material matches the appropriate slot, it falls into the discharge chute. The raw material, that does not match a slot, is transported to the end discharge chute. The machine can be equipped with three conveyors collecting individual raw material sizesThe product, whose size exceeds the maximum dimension set in the last section, is directed to the container put under the machine end discharge chute.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.