Products-Slotted cablet calibrator KSL-14


Slotted cablet calibrator KSL-14


The slotted chain calibrator is designed to sort vegetables according to their diameter to length ratio and size. The calibration size is adjusted by suitably setting distances between the chain guides at the machine front and end, within the calibration range. The calibrator is used to sort vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots etc.


The product sorting elements are the special chains with plastic mushrooms. The special plate system positions the product to be sorted along the slot between the sorting chains. The calibration slot size is determined by suitable spacing the chains, which makes it possible to sort products according to its diameter to length ratio. Products are fed by the cleated conveyor to the machine infeed that is the vibratory conveyor, where products are spread along the entire calibrator width and one product transport layer is formed. Such prepared products are moved along the machine. At location where products fit into the suitable slot, they fall into the discharge. Products that do not fit into set slot are transported to the end discharge.

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