Products-Three deck vibratory calibrator KW-3P/5T


The vibratory calibrator is designed to sort frozen fruit and vegetables. The calibration size is adjusted by installation of the replaceable sieve decks with suitably selected meshes.


The product to be sorted can be fed to the machine directly from the cooling tunnel belt or via the conveyor spreading the product along its entire width (the conveyor is not included in the delivery scope). The sieve is equipped with three sieve decks located one below the other in such a way that the top sieve deck has the largest meshes and the bottom one has the smallest meshes. The above sieve arrangement results in high calibration efficiency and high machine capacity (up to 4 t/h). The sieve vibration is generated by two electrovibrators mounted in its lower part.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.