The line is designed for fully automatic filling different sized jars with solid raw materials. It is possible to dose the products such as tripe, batches of diced meat, bacon, sliced sausage, fruit or vegetable mixtures or slices etc.


The product is fed by the elevator or tipper to vibratory feeder supplying the multihead weigher mounted on the service platform. It prepares the suitable material batch and discharges it onto the first free path with the prepared jar. The jars are fed by the conveying system installed under the platform. The previously washed and dried jars are received by the plate conveyor. They are conveyed to the jar distribution system that intelligently distributes the string of jars on two paths. The distribution is performed proportionally for both paths, taking into consideration the capacities of the weighing systems based on the information from the machine transport buffers. On each of two jar passing paths there are installed the star wheels positioning the jars under the discharge hopper of the multihead weigher. When the buffers upstream the first row of the star wheels are overloaded, feeding of jars is blocked until area of any of them is emptied. The buffers are also to control operation of the star wheels and coordinated their cooperation. The star wheels positioning the jar under the raw material outlet are driven by servomotors. Their operation depends on the condition of the buffers in individual lines and capacities of the multihead weighers. The star wheel receives the jar from the buffer and then turns together with it by an angle of 30 degrees. At this stage it is checked whether there is a jar in the star wheel socket. Then next turn by 30 degrees is performed and the product is discharged. After next two turns, the jar leaves the socket and enters the buffer upstream the next star wheel system. The cycle is similarly repeated for the next set of 2 star wheels, where the jar is topped with the second raw material batch. Then the paths are joined together again into one main path. At this location there is installed the pushing system to facilitate joining the two strings of jars into one. The filled jars are fed to the downstream part of the line, where they can be topped with brine and capped.