Products-Pickled vegetables packing line into foil bags LPKT-1


Pickled vegetables packing line into foil bags LPKT-1


The machine is designed to automatically batch and pack sauerkraut or vegetable salads including pickling brine into film bags. It is also possible to pack pickled cucumbers.


The product is fed to the loading chamber by the belt conveyor. Any excess liquid drips gravitationally into the tank. Sauerkraut or vegetable salad batching is carried out by pressing the suitable product amount with the worm into adjustable volume tube. The batch is pushed out with the pneumatic piston through the outlet port into the tube forming the packaging. Then the liquid batch is filled from the tank. The product and liquid batching is adjusted and synchronized by the control systems.
When cucumbers are packed, it is necessary to prepare (weigh) the product batches for packing earlier and then an employee puts the ready batch on the tray of the specially prepared elevator belt that conveys the batch to the discharge hopper.
The film for bags is unwound from the reel and passes between the feed rollers, from where it reaches the flange with the forming tube. Then the film is welded to form a sleeve and a date stamped on it. The packaging so prepared is moved to the preset length (corresponding to the batch size to be packed). The preset product quantity is dosed into the open bag so formed at the right time. The filled bag is closed with the transverse seam, cut off and slides on the belt conveyor, from where it is taken by an employee and packed into the multiple packaging.