Products-Herbs sterilization line LSZ - 1


Herbs sterilization line LSZ - 1


The unit is assigned to the thermal treatment of various products to eliminate all undesirable vegetative and spore micro-organisms. It can be used for all kinds of herbs, grains, seeds, granules, dried vegetable flakes and other similar products.


The product is placed in the buffer tank directly from the storage Big Bags or Sacs. The Worm-Shaft based at the bottom of the tank shifts the material at a given rate for further processing. The product is warmed-up initially, than subjected to a high temperature in the actual sterilization chamber. The high-pressure steam is injected for this purpose.

Next, the product is passed onto the holding conveyer, which directs it along the line, so the processes of heating and cooling are well-defined.

The final processing unit consists of a cooling tank were the product loses the very high temperature, yet without any increase of the moisture contents. From there the product is picked by unloading the conveyor and sent to the packing area.

Fully atomized control allows to set optimized process parameters such as temperature and sterilization / cooling periods.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.