Products-Washer for bundles MDP-1


Washer for bundles MDP-1


The machine is designed for initial or final washing of vegetables tied in the bundles such as radish, carrot or parsley. It is possible to wash individual pieces of vegetables e.g. leek.


Vegetables are fed manually between the special gripping belts that support a raw material in the seats and slowly feed it into the working space. Here the vegetables are washed mechanically by the set of rotary brushes – depending on the type and size of washed product it is possible to adjust the position of brushes and switch off the individual sections. To make washing and collection of dirt effective, the machine is fitted with the set of spray lances that rinse the raw material from every side.

The washed vegetables get out from the working space where the gripping belts release them – the raw material can be taken manually or falls into the container or onto the receiving belt conveyor.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.