Products-Flotation washer with destoner MFO-700


Flotation washer with destoner MFO-700


The machine is used for washing green peas and corn. It is installed in the production line in food industry.


The product to be washed is fed in front part of the destoner in which there is the infeed chute feeding the product evenly onto the conveyor belt with water film, whose direction of flow transports the raw material towards the discharge chute. The direction of the belt rotation is opposite to the direction of moving raw material, and thanks to the cleats with which it is fitted, it is possible to stop and settle small stones that then reach the settling tank. Water is fed with the pump included in the cleaning system located by the tank of slotted sieve. It is circulated in the closed circuit and thanks to that there are small losses of water, that only result from the necessity of its replacement in the case of too much sand collection in the tank of the slotted sieve.

From the destoner the product is fed onto the vibrating conveyor which is fitted with the sieve made of perforated sheet. The task of the conveyor is to separate the product from dirty water. Next the product is fed to the flotation washer. The suitably shaped barboter is installed in its tub and the movement of water causes separation of good product from floating dirt. From here a raw material is fed through the straight-run valve into the drum from perforated sheet. Inside the drum the product is separated from water and additionally thanks to the use of the spray nozzles the final cleaning removing dirt (e.g. residues of sand) takes place. The dirt flowing over the cascade reach the bottom tank and then the receiving conveyor. The conveyor is provided with the perforated belt, where dirt is separated from water.

The big advantage of the washer is the closed water circuit that largely reduces its consumption.

The level of water consumption largely depends on the rinsing intensity.

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