Products-Washer for containers and box pallets MKiSP-1


Washer for containers and box pallets MKiSP-1


The machine is designed to wash multi-pack packaging such as: containers, box pallets etc. used for transport of fresh fruit/vegetables in order to remove any rest of those products, their juice, soil or sand.


The machine is a simple stationary unit with manual loading and unloading of a container. An operator puts a dirty container onto the roller table and places it with its open side towards the washing chamber, and then slides it inside the chamber and closes tightly its door. By pressing the push-button on the control cabinet, the work cycle is started. First the main washing with water from the closed circuit by the system of spray lances supplied by the water pump (1-st stage) and then rinsing with fresh water by two lances with rotary nozzles (2-nd stage). The water used for rinsing flows down into the container under the machine and in the further machine operation it is used for main washing after previous filtering on the perforated sieve and collection in the bottom tub. After finishing the working cycle, an operator opens the chamber door and takes out the washed container.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.