Products-Washer for boxes and baskets MSK-6


Washer for boxes and baskets MSK-6


The packaging two-section washer is designed for washing the extremely dirty packaging such as boxes, buckets or baskets which are used in fruit and vegetable processing industry. The use of additional washing sections largely improves the result of final washing.


The dirty packages are slid by an operator into the steel guides at the machine entry, where they are taken by the chain conveyor fitted with the scrapers. A package is fed into the initial washing section, where it is sprayed by the system of washing lances equipped with the nozzles. The nozzles are adjusted in all directions, which makes it possible to adapt them to any packaging and dirt characteristics. The water used in this section does not contain any additives and is not heated. It flows towards the bottom tub and passes through the sieves which removes solids from it and is re-circulated.
Then a package enters the main washing section, where it is also sprayed by the system of washing lances equipped with the nozzles. However, here a detergent is automatically dosed to the sprayed water and it disinfects and improves the washing process. Additionally, to achieve the appropriate washing performance, the process water is heated in the tub of this section. Similarly to the first washing section, dirty water flows to this tub through the double sieve (slotted and perforated one) and solids are removed from it.
The washed packages are fed to the rinsing section, where fresh water is sprayed on them. Then water flows into the initial washing water circuit and is used again - it ensures large process water consumption savings and thus reduces considerably the operating costs. The chain conveyor speed adjustment allows the package dwell time in the washing chamber to be changed and thus the washing effectiveness and capacity.

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