Products-Washer for empty jars/tins MSPP-1


Washer for empty jars/tins MSPP-1



The machine is designed to wash and dry the closed canned packaging on the production lines of the food processing plants, fruit and vegetable industry, meat, poultry, fish and food concentrates industry and others.


Cans or jars are fed by the belt conveyor (delivered as option) onto the washer conveyor. The packages can also be put manually onto the belt of the washer conveyor. Initial soaking takes place in the first section. Then washing with heated water is performed (optionally with the use of detergent) and the jar is conveyed to the brush section, where it is further washed to remove any remaining impurities. Finally, the flushing and blowing the water and drying. Transfer of the packages can be performed on the buffer table (delivered as option) or with the conveyor (delivered as option) to the downstream part of the production line.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.