Products-Jet washer MSF-12


Jet washer MSF-12


The machine is designed mainly for washing beans, however, it can also be used for washing many other types of food products that do not sink in water, e.g. spinach or cauliflower. It is integrated into production lines in food industry.


The product to be washed is fed in front part of the washer water container, where there are collecting pipes that distribute water under pressure. They generate so called “pool” which results in washing raw material. Properly shaped bottom and the piping system that distribute water move the washed raw material toward to dripping conveyor, which carries the raw material from the tub to the discharge chute. To reduce water consumption, the machine is fitted with the system closing its circulation when water is cleaned and returned to the rinsing chamber.
Settling of dirt takes place in the bottom container of the washer. Light and floating dirt is filtered on the slotted sieve. Heavy dirt from the washer bottom is gradually discharged through the drain valve during washing. The dirt separated on the slotted sieve slides down into the outside container.

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