Products-Water washer MOW-900/W


This machine is designed to wash fruit and vegetables. Has a relatively high yield. Ideal for washing strawberries, cherries, currants and other fruits.


Water from the lower tank is pumped to top bath cleaner. The bottom of the bath cleaner has appropriate shape and together with nozzles causes numerous swirls. Product is rapidly moved by the resulting swirls and this way of treatment guarantee a very good cleaning effect. The device is additionally equipped with a fan which pumping air to the top of the bath to create a "surf water", this function further improves the efficiency of the cleaning process. Product after getting out of the washing zone is additionally washed with water jets on a sloping rod sieve at an appropriate angle. In the lower reservoir starts sedimentation of the heavy impurities like soil and sand. Floating light impurities are filtered on the mesh sieve. The filtered water is used in the further process of washing (closed circuit).
Water losses are replaced with fresh water from the showers. Impurities from the bottom of the washer drops successively through the valve in the bottom. Impurities separated on the rod sieve going in the next step to the slot sieve (with desired profile) there water is separated and impurities are moved to the container.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.