Products-Vibrating batcher MPW-2A


The machine is designed to batch frozen products into bags or cartons in fruit and vegetable industry. This is the multi-purpose machine and can also be used for other different products, non-frozen ones. The machine is suitable for operation at below zero temperatures and is made of food grade materials.


The machine batches a product into the intermediate hopper, where weighing takes place. The batched product falls on the chute of the discharge hopper terminated with the funnel, under which an employee puts packaging or the product falls into the automatic packing machine.

After putting a bag or different packaging on the discharge funnel, an employee switches on the weighing unit and starts the dosing process.

The weighing unit automatically checks the initial state i.e.: the intermediate hopper flap closing, packaging presence, automatic tare weight, strain gauge correct operation etc.

The dosing process is started by pressing the start button or automatically after closing the weighing hopper flap. The control unit starts the vibrating conveyors (transporting and dosing ones). During dosing, the display shows continuously the present weight value of the product being dosed. In the first phase, the product is dosed with the entire width of the vibrating conveyor. After dosing the larger product part, the conveyor width is limited by the flap closing. In the last precise dosing phase, the conveyor works with only narrow slot that after batching is also closed with the small flap.

In the case of automatic dosing, the flaps of individual intermediate hoppers are opened (alternately), packaging is filled up and disconnected from the discharge hopper.

When dosing is incorrect (batches outside the tolerance), an employee decides on what to do with a particular batch.