Products-Drum-knife peeler OBN-0,95/1,5


Drum-knife peeler OBN-0,95/1,5


The unit is assigned to peeling potato, beetroot, celeriac, etc. It is used on pre-washed and de-stoned vegetables.


A rotating drum with built-in knife modules represents the working unit. A product is tipped using a step conveyor belt into the loading chute. From there it falls into the drum cavity where it is advanced by means of the worm-shaft. The speed of the pealing process is controlled by the rotation of this shaft.

The continuous rotation of the drum causes the rotation of the product against the set of knives. On contact with sharp knife-edges the surface of the product peels-off. Peeled vegetables are fed-out using an outlet chute, while the peelings are collected underneath the drum either in a container or removed by means of a distinct conveyor belt.

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