Products-Onion peeler OC-2


Onion peeler OC-2



The machine is designed to peel off the outer skin of onions.


The raw material is fed manually or by the belt conveyor to the hopper, from which it is taken by the elevator feeding the machine. The special belt construction and installation makes it possible to take single onion pieces that are fed onto the receiving equipment belt. The chain conveyor equipped with the sockets to house the raw material. Before entering the right peeling section, two employees appropriately orient each onion requiring that so as to it could be properly processed. After that operation, an onion enters the peeling zone entirely covered with the safety guards, where the set of special working systems remove the onion tail and top and slits its external skin. The so prepared product is conveyed to the roller skin separator, where the set of nozzles remove the skin using compressed air. All waste falls into the screw conveyor mounted under the machine and is discharged into the container or other conveyor. The peeled onions are transported to the discharge and are fed to the downstream machine of the line.

The automation and control system makes it possible to match the optimum process parameters (compressed air pressure, belt speed etc. ...).

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.