Products-Cherry destalker ODW-1000


Cherry destalker ODW-1000


The machine is designed to remove stalks from fresh cherries, but it can also be used for other similar raw material such as mirabelle plums etc.It is integrated into the production lines in the food industry.


Raw material fed onto the machine infeed chute falls on the work table formed by the set of rotating bars supported in the slide bearings. The counter-rotating pairs of bars are covered with a layer of soft rubber, which facilitates to remove stalks and leaves that get into the minimum slot between the adjacent bars. The raw material sliding over the work table is ensured by its inclination that can be adjusted. Additionally, the carriage with the set of evenly raw material spreading scrapers moves with a reciprocating motion directly above the work table.The carriage is also equipped with the water sprays that are used for current cleaning of the machine working part, raw material rinsing and cooling the sidle bearings supporting the bars.

It is recommended to feed the machine from the vibrating conveyor that evenly spreads the product or from the cleated conveyor with the operating width matched to the machine – such product feeding has a beneficial impact on the destalker operating quality and capacity.


Before the product is fed to the machine, any foreign objects such as sticks, film, pieces of wood, stones, string, pieces of boxes etc. must be removed from it – any contact of foreign objects with the machine moving parts may result in their mechanical damage.


Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.