Products-Berry fruit destalker ODS-6


Berry fruit destalker ODS-6


The machine is designed to remove stems, stalks and leaves from frozen berry fruits such as: gooseberry, currant, berry, bilberry, chokeberry, sea-buckthorn, black elder etc. To ensure correct result of the machine operation, the product fed to the discharge must be deep-frozen to temperature of min. –24oC.

Note: When rowan berries are destalked, the fruits should be firm and free of clusters.


The frozen fruits fed to the hopper fall into the first (breaking) chamber, where they are crushed by the rotating crusher shaft. In addition to the crushing function, the special construction of the crusher fingers also fulfils a transport function by moving the fruits to the space, where destalking takes place.

Inside the cylindrical rotary sieve, the fruits are set in violent motion generated by the screw rotating contrary to the sieve. Between the screw flights there are mounted the elements generating additional friction of the fruits between each other and reducing speed of the fruit mass movement along the screw. The fruit residence time inside the machine drum has crucial influence on the destalking efficiency. The cylindrical rotary sieve hole edges remove the fruit stems, stalks and leaves etc. that fall through the holes into the trough. The fruits mixing inside the machine are conveyed by the screw to the discharge, where they are collected into the bags, containers or are fed to the line for further processing.

The use of the cylindrical rotary sieve significantly improves the destalking efficiency by limiting the number of process downtimes necessary for periodic cleaning of the clogged stalking holes.

The product emptying system functions by changing the screw rotation direction and the discharge opened in the front drum part limits the product loss during process downtimes.

The adjustable feet make it possible to position the machine on each floor. Any change in the machine upward slope angle is performed with the angle gear with the crank drive, changing height of the machine back part. With upward slope angle it is possible to correct quality of the fruits being destalked, because each fruit type may behave differently during destalking.

The optimum machine operation angle must be determined by tests for each raw material separately.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.