Products-Berry fruit polisher POJ-2


Berry fruit polisher POJ-2


The berry fruit polisher is designed for final and precise separation of stems, stalks and leaves from the frozen berry fruit such as: berry, currant, bilberry or aronia berry.


The fruit is fed to the charging hopper and pushed by the brush towards the discharge port. During that travel, the fruit is moved on the cylinder shaped perforated sieve and the polishing effect is achieved. As a consequence of that process, large amounts of frost are formed from the separated fruit parts and it is adhered to the sieve. The sieve construction ensures its easy replacement for cleaning time. The machine is equipped with the lower guard for waste and adjustable charging hopper.
The machine achieves the best polishing results when the product is frozen to approx. -30°C and ambient temperature not higher than -15°C.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.