Products-Donut belt glazer PDP-400


Donut belt glazer PDP-400


The machine is designed for the confectionery industry to glaze donuts, cakes or other baked products with liquid glaze or chocolate.


A product is put by an employee on the receiving conveyor that transports it to the next conveyor. Above that conveyor there is installed the chute, from which liquid glaze film flows down and covers a product with an equal coat. Any excessive glaze flows down through the conveyor straps and then through the drip chute to the main tank. The glaze tank is the independent unit equipped with the screw pump delivering the glaze through the flexible hose. The glaze tank is heated and its preset temperature is maintained by the automatic regulator. The glazed donut is fed to the third conveyor, from where it is taken and packed into the carton by an employee. The strap conveyors are equipped with the special scrapers whose aim is to scrape excessive glaze.

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