Products-Fruit stone rubbing machine PDP-2


Fruit stone rubbing machine PDP-2


The machine is designed to rub stones from fruit such as cherries to recover pulp and fruit juice left after the de-stoning process. After selecting the appropriate sieve drum type, it can be used to rub strawberries, raspberries etc., which allows the fruit pulp without seeds to be obtained.


Stones (or fruit) are fed to the charging hopper, from where they fall into the inclined drum covered with the perforated sieve. The unit of strip brushes installed on the shaft passing through the drum axis quickly rotates and moves on the drum internal cylindrical surface. During that motion, raw material is pressed by the brush hair to the drum wall and by rubbing against it surface and touching the edges of holes, it is rubbed. The rubbed stones fall out through the discharge outlet at the front of the machine, while fruit pulp flows down to the outlet port under the machine, where it can be collected into the suitable container.
The machine height and thus its infeed height is dependent on the fruit pulp tank height declared by a customer.