Products-Belt conveyor with stitcher and sealer PTZZ-2,5


Belt conveyor with stitcher and sealer PTZZ-2,5


The machine is designed to transport, stitch and seal the product packed in paper and film bags. It significantly facilitates and speeds up the bag stitching and sealing process. Depending on the line configuration, it also enables the product packed in cartons to be received.

The machine is suitable for operation with different types of receiving conveyors and checking scales with which it forms the compatible production line system connected by the common control cabinet.

The machine modular construction enables easy replacement of the sealer with stitcher and different configuration at the operation site.


When the product packed in a bag is checked for weight on the checking scales (option), it is fed on the machine conveyor. During a bag travel on the conveyor, an employee initially forms its top part to insert it into the stitcher (or sealer). The stitching and sealing process is performed automatically. Owing to the use of the optical sensor in the stitcher it is possible to adjust the process start time and its duration. That allows different bag widths to be matched. Thanks to the use of continuous sealer operation without a bag stopping, the sealing capacity was also maximized. Additionally, at the end of the conveyor there is installed the bag overturn or carton push system that directs packaging onto other machines (e.g.: receiving conveyor, carton closing machine or metal detector) cooperating in the production line.


Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.