Products-Crusher of frozen food in cartons RMK-1,8


Crusher of frozen food in cartons RMK-1,8


The machine is designed to crush frozen food stored in cartons. The crushing process is carried out on the product in single cartons packed on the pallet with total maximum dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 1850 mm.


A forklift truck operator puts the pallet with cartons wrapped in stretch film into the machine chamber and then manually closes the door and presses the “Process start” push-button. The operation cycle is carried out automatically. As the initial parameter, an operator must enter the height of the pallet with cartons and number of pressings which the operation cycle is to be divided into.
The head suspended on two chains starts mowing downwards. It is run on 8 rollers mounted on 4 posts. The drive is ensured by the geared motor with the installed encoder and brake. When the head is lowered to the top part of the pallet with cartons, the crushing cycle is performed.
The machine work elements are the crushing bumpers. They work in pairs (two opposite each other). The bumpers are driven by the hydraulic cylinders – two per each bumper that is 8 pieces in total. When the bumper touches the carton, the hydraulic system additionally generates vibration (as the hydraulic hammer in the excavator) that improves crushing performance. When the cartons are compressed at this level, the head moves by the preset value down and the next compression by the bumpers occurs. When the cycle is finished, the head lifts to the top extreme position. An operator may open the safety grids and take out the container.

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