Products-Drill crusher RS-1,8


The machine is designed to crush frozen food stored in 1200x800x2050 mm octabin cardboard containers.


An open octabin container is put into the loading chamber by using the forklift truck. After switching on the control system, the protection grid must be closed manually and then automatic operation of the crushing fork is started. The rotating fork is slowly penetrating the frozen product. When this process is finished, the fork returns to its initial position and the protection grid can be opened. The crushed product is taken out of the crusher with the forklift truck and forwarded to further processing. The fork rotary movement is ensured by 2 geared motors and its vertical movement down through the product by two hydraulic cylinders. The control system ensures the possibility of adjusting the fork rotation speed and feed. Those parameters are matched to the product that is to be crushed.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.