Products-Static sieve bend SŁG-1000


Static sieve bend SŁG-1000


The sieve bend is used to screen water circuits or wastewater in process plants or wastewater treatment plants.


The liquid medium to be screened flows into the expansion chamber, from which it overflows onto the specially formed static, slotted welded wedge wire screen, where any solids are separated. The filtered liquid flows into the collector and is gravity drained through the drain port installed in its bottom, while the separated solids slide down the sieve by their own weight outside the device area e.g. into the special container. As standard the sieve bend is made of acid resistant steel AISI 304.
The sieve technical parameters are selected according to the lequid to be screened, slot size (slot used is from 0.15 mm up) and expected capacity. They depend on customer individual needs and requirements.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.