Products-Rotary sieve with external inflow SOZ-0,9/3,0


Rotary sieve with external inflow SOZ-0,9/3,0


The machine is designed to separate solids from wastewater and other industrial slurries. It is used in wastewater treatment plants, fruit and vegetable, brewing, chemical and plastics industry etc.


The liquid to be screened gets to the machine through the ports installed in its body and flows onto the drum made of the slotted sieve. Any solids that are larger than the sieve slot remain on the drum surface, from where they are later removed by the scraper outside the machine through the discharge port. The screened water passes the drum and is directed to the outlet port installed in the bottom part of the machine body. The sieve rotational speed is adjusted with the variable frequency drive, which allows the screening process to be matched to the particular raw material and the required capacity. Additionally, the machine is equipped with the spray lance for cleaning the drum with water.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.