Products-Rotary working table SO-1500


Rotary working table SO-1500


The machine is used as the buffer storage in the automatic batching, weighing and packing lines of frozen fruit and vegetables or their mixtures. It can also be used as the buffer storage in packing lines for bags, trays, jars, bottles etc.


Packed product is fed onto the rotary table top, where under influence of its motion it is spread on its surface, facilitating work of people packing the product into the collective packages at the same time. The table circumference is provided with the fixed raised rim, protecting the operating personnel against accidental abrasions, which improves health and safety at work.

The recommended solution is to put the semicircular roller tops matched in radius to the table curving around the table – this ensures high comfort and versatility during product packing and moving.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.