Products-Conical destoner SŁK-2500


Conical destoner SŁK-2500


The machine is designed for separation of stones and initial rinsing in vegetable cleaning process.


The product is fed into the conical hopper filled with water that circulates in a whirl generated by the mixer driven by the geared motor. The product with water flows out from the hopper, while stones fall down gravitationally, from where they are collected with the system of automatic knife gates forming the sluice, which does not allow the process water to get outside. The product with water gets onto the drain belt conveyor, where the product is separated from the process water that flows through the conveyor belt and flows down the drain trays. The product taken by the conveyor belt is initially dried by means of drainage and fed to the further line part. The water drained from the conveyor is forwarded to the buffer and cleaning hopper, where after separation of sand and larger solids, it is sucked by the pump and delivered for reuse in the conical hopper. The pump ensures the continuous water circulation in the conical destoner, ensuring both collection of stones and initial raw material cleaning with its transport.

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