Products-Belt destoner TŁK-1,0


Belt destoner TŁK-1,0


The machine is designed to separate stones and solids in the vegetable cleaning process.


The product is fed to the machine charging hopper, where there is installed the tray belt elevator (eyelink belt) receiving stones and the system forcing the raw material flow, made on the basis of the rotor. By rotating, the system forces the raw material flow on water surface. The product travels together with water onto the receiving tray elevator. On the elevator, the product is separated from water that circulates in the closed circuit forced by the rotor operation. From the elevator, the product is forwarded to other machine cooperating in the process line. All foreign objects heavier than raw material such as stones fall onto the charging hopper bottom, from where they are removed outside the machine by the conveyor. The water contained in the machine is regularly drained by the automatic drain valves. This process removes also the collected fine foreign objects (sand, fine stones) that were not carried away by the conveyor.

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