Products-Cheese block drying tunnel TOS-1


Cheese block drying tunnel TOS-1


The machine is design to thoroughly dry the cheese blocks taken out from the brine tank.


The machine must be put before the brine tank and the elevator is to be lowered with the manual knob. An employee pushes floating cheese blocks manually or with a tool onto the conveyor belt immersed at the suitable depth. The belt, equipped with the anti-slippery rubber pads, takes cheese blocks and transports them to the drying section. Here a cheese block moves on the roller conveyor, which allows each of its surfaces to be dried. Drying process takes place in the tunnel covered with the guards by using the special nozzles (air knives) blowing hot air. The air directed to each cheese block surface blows off liquid and its temperature dries it by evaporation. The blown off brine falls onto the drip tray and then flows down to the tank installed in the bottom. From here the collected brine can be delivered by the pump through the flexible hose to the brine tank and recycled in the process.

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