Products-Preservation tub WSJ-1,2


Preservation tub WSJ-1,2


The machine is used to soak the peeled apples in citric acid solution during the preservation process before their freezing to halt processes that cause their darkening.


The peeled apples (halves, segments or slices) are fed in the front part of the tub manually from the boxes or by the conveyor. The chain conveyor, mounted in the tank, is equipped with the cleats made of stainless steel sheet that move raw material along the tub. The conveyor cleats form uniformly moving bulkhead spaces, which ensures equal process time for the entire raw material. The product soaking time depends on the belt speed and is adjusted by the variable frequency drive. To improve the process quality, the machine is equipped with the blowing system that mixes both working solution and product. At the end of the tub there is the elevator that takes raw material from the bath and lifts it to the discharge chute and drains on the perforated cleats at the same time. Dosage of the fresh citric acid solution into the tub is carried out by the automatic system with concentration measurement.

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