Products-Water unloading of apples WRS-1


Water unloading of apples WRS-1


The machine is designed to unload apples from the box pallets, their transport and initial washing.


The box pallet with apples is placed by the forklift truck into the immersion tank, where it is immersed with the lift. Apples flow out on the water surface and move towards the roller conveyor as a result of water flow caused by the water pump operation. Then they get onto the roller conveyor and are transported to the next process machine (e.g. merry-go-round conveyor). When all apples are outside the immersion tank area, the box pallet is automatically emerged and can be moved onto the roller guide of empty box pallets. Then the next box pallet with apples can be placed into the immersion tank. Any dirt particles in the box pallet are caught by the filter drawers. Water circulation is closed in the entire unloading system.

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