Products-Barrel tipper WHN-B-500


Barrel tipper WHN-B-500


The machine is designed to empty barrels when manual loading is used.


An employee lifts the safety barrier and places a full barrel into the tippler basket on the floor with the installed rollers and lowers the safety barrier. After pressing the suitable push-button on the control cabinet, a barrel is lifted upwards and pressed to the conical basket outlet. Then after pressing the next push-button, the tipper basket starts rotating. Both motions are produced by the hydraulic cylinders. The basket keeps moving only when the push-button is hold pressed by an operator and when it released, the basket stops at the current position. In that way, it is possible to gradually rotate a barrel and control its emptying speed.
When a barrel is emptied, an operator returns the machine basket to its initial position with the suitable push-button on the control cabinet, releases its pressing, and then lifts the safety barrier to take out an empty barrel.

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