Products-Carton closing machine ZK-WDZ-0,5


The machine is designed to compact and close cartons with different dimensions. It is integrated in the product packing line in food industry.


A carton is fed on the machine on the system of loading rollers with the belt elevator (or manually depending on the line configuration). Then in an automatic cycle, it is transferred to the first station, where the product is subjected to the top pressing and down vibration to improve the product compacting and levelling in the carton. Additionally, the side plate is started during the top levelling to prevent the carton sides from bulging. Bulging has a very negative influence on further closing process. In next step, a carton is transported to the automatic top flap closure system. So prepared carton is automatically transferred to the downstream machine in the process line i.e. carton sealing machine. The machine has the adjustment that allows it to be prepared for operation with packaging with different dimensions.

Contact with us, we will assort technical parameters and capacity of machine according to your requirements.