A modern line, tailored to the customer’s needs, that enables the processing of frozen and fresh berries. It is equipped with a complete set of machines, thanks to which it can achieve high quality and efficiency.

The berry fruit line consists of a high-lift tippler which pours the product into the hopper with a breaker. There, the product gets broken down to the appropriate structure and is evenly fed to the line. The fruit is transported by a vibratory feeder to the frozen fruit fanner, where the first stage of cleaning the impurities takes place. Then, the fruit is transported to a device which removes spines and twigs. Thanks to the special design of the V-shaped channels and adjustable traps, the product of the desired size falls inside, and impurities such as twigs or stems are separated. The next stage of production is the separation of stalks and the remnants of the inflorescences from the fruit with the help of a stalk remover. Inside the machine, between the drum and the screw ribbon, friction is created, which makes the products rub against each other and get cleaned. The next stage is the berry polisher. With the help of brushes installed inside the drum, the device cleans the product of sticky stalks and inflorescences remains, leaving the surface nicely matted. The final stage, depending on the customer’s needs, may be packaging in collective or unit packages.