MEGA Laser

Modern processes for processing tubes and profiles. Laser cutting in 3D technology.

MEGA is an innovative design and manufacturing company established in 1996. We are characterized by dynamic development combined with continuous improvement of products and services, achieved thanks to the perseverance and commitment of our qualified staff. We offer a full range of cutting services for structural steel, stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals.

We also work in:

  • sheet metal cutting of stainless steel and black steel
  • bending stainless and black steel sheets on press brakes.

We provide modern processes for the processing of pipes and profiles thanks to 3D laser cutting, which makes it possible to obtain various shapes, bent details and complex structures. MEGA LASER ensures the highest quality of manufactured details and the shortest lead times.


We perform services on a state-of-the-art 3D BLM Adige Lasertube LT7, which combines all the latest developments in laser cutting. It is one of the most advanced numerically controlled pipe and profile cutting machines on the market.

We realize orders from our own material or from entrusted material. With their expertise in laser processing, MEGA LASER experts are there to support you and answer your technical questions.

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