It prepares cherries for freezing and for the production of jam and cherry preserves.

The line is adapted to the processing of both hand-harvested and combine-harvested fruit.

A multi-step process includes:

  • washing
  • sieving
  • petioles removal
  • transport
  • calibration – the number of sorts and the size of calibrations can be selected according to the customer’s preferences
  • pitting
  • in the case of a cherry line, the vibratory de-watering system collects the juice that is formed during processing; cherries, devoid of most of the juice, undergo the freezing process more efficiently, which increases the overall performance of the cooling tunnel
  • freezing
  • product inspection
  • packing


  • a carefully thought-out concept of a technological proces,
  • individually tailored to the client’s needs maximum recovery of semi-finished products such as juice,
  • fruit flesh and seeds from cherries
  • simple and ergonomic operation stainless steel machines, correctly used, remain operational for many years.