Do you find it difficult to find space for transport machines in your hall?

Have no space for belt conveyors?

The distance of 100 meters is not an obstacle for hydrotransport.

Hydrotransport is a solution based on a machine divided into two parts: the first part receives the product and transports it in a water stream to any part of the production hall. The entire process takes place in pipes led over other machines, which significantly saves space in the production hall. The first part is also equipped with walls washing system preventing the product from settling.

The second part is responsible for separating the product from the water and feeding it to the rest of the production line, e.g. a blancher. This prevents water from entering subsequent machines alongside the product.

The water, separated from the product in the pre-treatment section, returns to the first part of the machine where the transport process is repeated. Thanks to the closed water cycle, its consumption is minimized.

The biggest advantage of the machine is undoubtedly the possibility of economizing the space in the production hall and no risk of damages to the transported product. While using it, you are able to transport products further down the line, according to the production organization.

The level of reliability, taking into account distances of up to 100-150m, is much higher compared to belt conveyors.

You can transport fruits and vegetables in whole and pieces, e.g.:

  • Peas
  • Cauliflower and broccoli florets
  • Cut beans
  • Root vegetables after cutting (carrot, potato, beetroot) and whole vegetables, e.g. potatoes


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