Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, functionality – these features perfectly match the specifics of belt spraying blancher. The machine is designed to blanch vegetables, with the possibility of adapting to leafy vegetables or rice. It has many operating parameters, thanks to which you can process a wide range of products on just one device.

In order to avoid damaging the raw material when moving from one zone to another, blanching and cooling are performed on the same belt.

For the distribution of the product, the machine can be equipped with a vibrator or a water-based distribution device.

By installing an additional device in the form of a heat exchanger, you can significantly increase the efficiency of cooling (obtaining a lower product temperature at the outlet) and reduce water consumption.

In this machine, you can also replace water cooling with air cooling. This is done by sucking in air from the environment, which then passes through the raw material on the belt, and finally goes to the chamber below.

The machine body has been specially designed to allow maximum access to its interior while maintaining tightness during operation. Prevention of steam loss during product processing is ensured by inspection covers equipped with special seals. One of the options to increase ergonomics during cleaning is the electrically lifted top cover.

Depending on the specific application, the following are used to clean the belt: fresh water, a rotating brush, or air knives that blow through the belt.

The belt blancher has a washing program which, after adding special cleaning agents to the water, can rinse the entire interior of the machine with little manual work.

The machine is designed in such a way that the product is handled hygienically, with a low risk of contamination even after long working hours.

Thanks to the integration of two devices into one – blancher and cooler, you not only save money, but also space for transporting the product from one machine to another. In this case, the entire product processing takes place in one machine, which translates to high functionality.

An additional advantage is the high degree of flexibility during blanching, as well as the temperature that can be adjusted to individual types of products.

A team of qualified MEGA experts specializes in adapting blanchers to individual customer requirements. Thanks to our wide range of blanchers / coolers, we can easily meet all of our customer’s requirements for blanching.


The benefits of purchasing our machine include:

  • Low risk of product contamination
  • Functionality – integrated blancher and cooler
  • Cost-effective solution – water recirculation
  • Uniform blanching
  • Low water consumption
  • Hygienic design
  • High efficiency
  • A product tailored to the customer’s needs