A modern, customized line that enables processing of peas into a frozen form. All lines and machines produced by us are individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

The process starts by feeding the peas onto the production line from the receiving hopper which evenly distributes them. Then the product goes to the washer where any possible contamination is removed. The process of blowing away impurities is very gentle and does not damage the product.

The next step in production is a flotation washer which can be equipped with a de-stoner.

The cleaned product is directed to the belt blancher by the conveyor. The great advantage of this device is the ability to adjust the temperature and blanching time to individual products. After that, the product is cooled and then transported to the cooling tunnel.

After freezing, the product can be directly packed into collective packaging, according to the customer’s preferences. It is possible to integrate the pea line with the packaging line, and get the possibility of processing the peas from A to Z.

Detailed refinement of this line resulted in a carefully thought-out concept of the technological process and transparent operation of the devices. Thanks to the cooperation with our clients, we can learn more about their needs and create production lines that meet their requirements. Stainless steel machines, subjected to the right service, will remain operational for many years.


Contact us! We will select individual technical parameters and device efficiency, according to your needs!