A modern line, tailored to the customer’s needs, enables the cleaning of dried fruit such as raisins, dried cranberries, etc.

It is equipped with a complete set of machines, thanks to which it can achieve high efficiency.

The cleaning process begins with feeding the product into the breaker. During this process, the sticky product breaks down into pieces and is evenly fed to the production line.

The elevator transports the product to the air cleaner, where the impurities that have entered the line are blown away.

After this stage, you can visually inspect the product on a specially lit inspection conveyor.

Depending on your individual needs, you can redirect the product to the packaging line. You can pack the product in paper and plastic bags or cartons.

All line elements are easily accessible for cleaning. Made of high-quality materials, the machines will operate for many years if properly used.

Detailed refinement of this line resulted in a carefully thought-out concept of the technological process and transparent operation of the devices. Thanks to the cooperation with our clients, we can learn more about their needs and create production lines that meet their requirements. We can design all our machines according to individual customer requirements.


Contact us! We will select individual technical parameters and device efficiency, according to your needs!